A Storyteller At Heart


Rachel is a singer and songwriter, playwright and a massage therapist all wrapped up into one. A storyteller at heart, she creates and shares music as her way of giving back to others. She believes we would all benefit from looking and breathing deeper. In a world fraught with tension and sensory overload, Rachel, who is an introvert by nature, creates music that provides restorative quiet as a means to both reenergize the soul and to better connect.

Collaborating with others through “Rachel and Friends,” Rachel gives house concerts and performs at local venues. Her musical style is eclectic, but it is her original music that provides a calming vibe. Her lyrics range from insights gained through travel, from nature or from conversation with a friend. She writes and sings about matters of the heart, creating music that is inspirational that has a folk flair and a classical edge.

Several times a year “Rachel Kamps and Friends” provide concerts within her own home where her Mother’s 1912 Steinway named “Rose” lends its resonant and acoustic tones to create a lovely acoustic experience. Each month, Rachel works for “Body and Soul, the Art of Healing” to provide a capella concerts at local hospitals and nursing homes. Weekly she runs her massage business, plays the piano and leads singing sessions at her church in Ponte Vedra.

Rachel Kamps headshot