House Concerts


Because I can. It is what I can do these days that I focus on, and all other dreams or aspirations take a back seat to the simplicity of my programs as Rachel and Friends House Concert. I need to simplify my life.

Because it is something I can do with the music inside me. Otherwise, I just birth it and it sits alone, unheard and lonely. Music is meant to be shared. I can share my music.

Because what I want to do can only start in my home: build a community.

Because I have music to share in my home with friends and friends of friends in my home.

Because I am not a world class pianist who only plays in Fancy Nancy concert halls, instead I am just me and some friends, and that is enough. I am enough. My collection of friends who gather to listen, are enough. Together, we are enough. My only fear is that my listening audience may not think I am enough, so, I present in my home without artifice and I simply present my original music or well-loved vintage songs and we have a nice time together… as musicians and friends.

I don’t have huge ambitions as a musician. I like simplicity and I am a bonified, certified homebody. That’s it.

Because it is a way for me to express the music inside me in the meaningful context in which it was born. And, in the days of social media and such, people find themselves isolated and alone and my home is a place of comfort and connection.

Because I prefer to capitalize on what I am instead of what I am not; and to give of myself and be heard from that place, this place called home: a wooded refuge, a bird haven and retreat on an island, in the woods, near a neighborhood at the beach.