Rachel & Friends

A Birthday Matinee that wasn’t.
But what it was, was better. As a singer, not being able to play my singing instrument meant that I canceled my matinee for my previously invited guests. Whether it was allergies or true bronchitis, I still don’t know, but I was in no condition to sing.

But, since it was my 59th birthday with my Mother visiting for the first time since 2017, I was determined to at least play some songs for her on her Rose, her piano that lives in my home. I had wanted to share my music live with my mother for years, but it was always just a dream. Well, with the help of my dear instrumentalist friends, Anne McKennon on flute and Brittany Maroney on cello and Mary Kay on rhythm, we collected ourselves at noon in my living room for a rehearsal instead, and in a muchly much laid back fashion we made music. My heart was filled with the delightful delight witnessing my mother just enjoy the bell tones of her piano accompanied by the lovely flute and cello. You see, I had the voice of a yodeling frog, but thankfully, most of the music was instrumental.
Seeing my Mother close her eyes and feel herself in the imagined places the music brought her, was a birthday gift to me.

So, yes, I will reset another house concert, but am still sorting out just when that would be, but I will keep you posted.

Here are a few pictures of the happy moments that happened despite the birthday matinee that did not happen.

And, now, seeing my Mother napping on my porch completely worn out from the happiness of yesterday’s happinesses, I am relieved she can settle and rest and enjoy the last day of her visit south, while I take countless pictures of her doing just that.

I appreciate you all, and hope to be in a Rachel & Friends concert again real soon.

Your friend,